Dr. Friedman is a certified Rock Doc and utilizes Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM) and therapeutic taping techniques to help aid recovery from injury or every day postural strains. Dr. Friedman also utilizes a Vibration plate to help improve patient outcomes.

Rock Blade (IASTM)

  • The Rock Blade is used to manipulate the different free nerve endings within and underneath the skin, fascia and muscle and can help to decrease “smudging” of the affected areas being treated to regain full motion and/or sensation within the problem area(s). 
  • Treatment allows for stimulation of different nerve responses. If you would like to know more, book a free consultation with Dr. Friedman.

Rock Tape

  • Rock Tape Stretches 180% compared to normal athletic tape.
  • This stretch allows for decompression of free nerve endings under the skin which are responsible for nociception (pain) so it can reduce perceived pain. It also allows for better arterial and lymphatic circulation to and from the taped area, which can reduce inflammation and aid in recovery after an injury or from every day postural strains.
  • The tape can also play a role in proprioception (bodies position sense in space) and aid in improving functional movement patterns and help provide stability.

Vibe Plate

The Vibe Plate is a great tool to use for chiropractic rehabilitation. When on the Vibe Plate it increases proprioception, which is your body’s perception or awareness of where you body is at in space. This allows you to recruit more muscle while exercising to further aid in recovery. It can be used for many different applications and is widely used by professional athletes, and in military training programs. NASA has also been tied to using vibration plates, with the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of how it helps astronauts maintain bone density while in space.

Within our clinic, we use the Vibe Plate to help improve posture, stability, increased range of motion, increased circulation, decrease pain, improved balance and can also help decrease stress. Some other benefits the vibe plate can provide is improved flexibility, healthier looking skin and can help develop stronger bones. To learn more, book a free consultation with Dr. Friedman and he will gladly provide more information on how this may benefit you.

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