CBP is the GOLD STANDARD of Chiropractic care! -Structure determines function!

This patient above had chronic recurring headaches, numbness and tingling into their extremity, constant charlie horse sensations into their arm, neck stiffness and had a harder time focusing due to this. After three months of corrective care, his forward head posture went from 33mm to 11mm and the cervical lordosis (neck curve) improved from 17o to 28o. All of the symptoms resolved, his quality of life improved and the patient had a better understanding of why spinal structure and mechanical posture is so important. If you are dealing with acute or chronic pain or feel as if you have decreased quality of life, book an appointment and see how CBP care can change your life!

What is Chiropractic Biophysics?

Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) is a Chiropractic technique named by Don Harrison, Deanne Harrison, Glenn Harrison and Don Murphy in 1980 and was then further developed by Don and Deed Harrison and many others. They utilized applied mathematics to the human spine in order to create an ideal model of what the spine should look like. They believed that if patients with abnormal spinal structure could get closer to this ideal model, that it would provide those patients who were experiencing acute and chronic pain or systemic dysfunction within the body, better long term health benefits and improved quality of life. It would allow the nervous system to properly communicate with the rest of the body with less nerve interference and strain on the surrounding bony, muscular and ligamentous tissues by creating a more ideal structural, mechanical and physiological homeostasis. They were right! CBP is now one of the most heavily researched techniques in our profession with many peer reviewed research articles explaining and showing the efficacy of how well this technique improves spinal structure and integrity, mobility, systemic function and quality of life through conclusive data. CBP is the GOLD STANDARD in the Chiropractic profession and will continue to produce advanced scientific research and top quality care to our patients with the best long term results possible.

Helping patients through CBP chiropractic care

CBP doctors are very thorough. When you first arrive to a CBP practice, a detailed history is taken in order to get to know you and to better understand what you do and how you function on a daily basis. We then take a detailed digital postural analysis to identify mechanical translations (shifting side-to-side and/or front and back) or rotations (bending or twisting in different directions) you may have. Depending on the patients situation, we then utilize diagnostic digital x-rays, which allows us to get a visual representation of the spine. After your examination is complete, the doctor will analyze all of the information provided and create a patient specific plan of care for you. This will allow us to improve upon the root cause of your problem(s), allowing for more long term health improvements in the process and will not just ameliorate the symptoms you come in with. Through chiropractic adjustments (both manual and postural), neuromuscular re-education, strength and stability exercises and spinal corrective care (mechanical traction), you will start to notice improvements in your ability to be more active and feel better overall with less pain.

Better health through improved structure and nervous system function

There are two main components of the spine; the skull and vertebrae, and the brain and spinal cord. The skull and vertebrae act as a shield to protect your brain and spinal cord (nervous system), helps keeps you upright, helps disperse different forces in an efficient manner and allows you to be mobile. When your spine is compromised in a non-ideal position, the nervous system has a harder time sending vital nerve energy to the cells in the body that need it and makes it harder for the body to function, which eventually causes advanced degenerative changes, neck and back pain, numbness and tingling into your extremities, headaches, stiffness, decreased mobility and can also lead to developing many different systemic conditions that compromise your health. On the other hand, if your spine is upright in a more ideal position, the brain and nervous system, which is the control center for all the information your body sends and receives, is able to function and communicate more efficiently and helps maintain the body from developing many different health conditions. This means improved quality of life and a happier, healthier you!

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